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Chidester Arkansas personal trainer motivating gym buddy during shoulder exercise Personal trainers are professionals who are committed to helping their clients achieve the physical fitness they have been craving for, for so long – besides offering personalized exercise programs, most fitness trainers also offer advanced nutrition tips and programs as well. Different personal trainers specialize in different areas of fitness from aerobic to resistance training – besides this, they can operate in a variety of different settings, not just at the gym or in specialized health clubs or fitness facilities, but also at the residence of the client.

How To Get Your Personal Trainer Certification?

The first and perhaps most important quality every Chidester AR personal trainer must have is genuine interest and passion for health and fitness, given the fact that these professionals work a lot with people.

#1 Personal Trainer Training Close To Chidester Arkansas

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Those who want to work as legitimate personal trainers and make a living out of it in the US must hold a certification to prove their skills. If you have decided to invest in your training and certification, then you can always enroll in one of the accredited personal trainer certification programs offered by the International Fitness Professionals Association, the National Academy of Sports Medicine or the American Council on Exercise.

Chidester personal trainer showing an exercise to a woman

Chidester personal trainer showing an exercise to a woman

How Can A Certified Personal Trainer Advance In His Career?

When it comes to the advancement opportunities, it must be said that a good and skilled Chidester AR personal trainer can advance from the entry-level to a top position and he can also work on cruise ships, in spas or resorts, or he can also be hired for corporate fitness by larger organizations that are concerned for the health of their employees.

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How Much Can You Make Per Year As A Personal Trainer

This depends a lot on the experience and on the training of the personal trainer – for instance, a personal trainer that has a certification can easily make up to $50,000 per year, while a trainer who is also a fitness manager can make up to $60,000 or even more. A wellness trainer, on the other hand, earns around $45,000 while an entry-level wellness instructor typically earns around $30,000 yearly.

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